With 5 weeks of summer camp under our belt we are looking forward to celebrating the end of camp with a bang! Check out our Summer Sender party coming up on August 14th. 

skate camper practicing his manuals during the manual contest

Here at Woodward Park City, we believe the future is in good hands. Skateboard campers in week 5 have shown us that they may be young but they aren't playing around when it comes to skating. With these campers leading us into the next generation, we think skateboarding is going to be just fine. 

BMX camp has been going off! Our BMX program is designed to have you all over the place, we will take you from street courses to pump tracks, to dirt trails. Here at Woodward, you can ride every type of terrain all at one camp! What's stopping you from joining us for week 6? Book now and ride whatever you want with our amazing staff. 

BMX camper getting some airtime in the Action Sports Hub

Campers have been working their way through the progression of starting in the “Start Park” and making their way all the way up to the Black Diamond run of Spiral Jetty. MTB camp has been a huge success this summer and the campers have been smiling ear to ear… with a little dirt in their teeth. 

Summer camper sending the black line in his mtb camp.

We can’t forget about the Cheer campers that have been tumbling their way into all of our hearts with their killer routines they have been working on all week. It looks like all of them were able to hang out at the bow making table and make bows that will last almost as long as their memories of summer camp… A lifetime! 

Cheer Campers doing their morning stretches.

With only a week of camp left we are sad to see all of our campers going back to school… That is why we have created our new Weekend Camps! Summer may be winding down, but Woodward Park City day camps are keeping the stoke alive with our Weekend Camp programs running in August and September. Campers ages 7-17 can sign up for four consecutive Saturdays or Sundays of fun and instruction in Mountain Bike or Multisport camps. 

Click here for more info!  

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With 5 weeks of summer camp under our belt we are looking forward to celebrating the end of camp with a bang!
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