In 2015, the United Nations signed a legally binding international treaty to address climate change and its negative impacts. Adopted by 196 Parties, the Paris Agreement was developed with the goal of collectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a climate neutral world by mid-century. 

The future direction of the world is clear: net zero. Big and small countries, major emitters, and those with much smaller footprints are coming forward in waves to chart futures powered entirely by clean energy. Although the Agreement has been working to help drive these initiatives, latest science shows that we need to make further progress, faster and on a global scale. 

December 12 marks the five-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and a critical turning point for the future of the U.S. In 2021, the United States will re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement and once again be a key player in the global effort to tackle climate change. Although the United States has been absent from the Paris Agreement since 2017, US cities, states, and other non-federal activists have stepped up over the last four years to continue to advance the US towards meeting and setting more ambitious goals. 

So, how is this all relevant to Woodward Park City?

Woodward Park City has joined over a thousand leaders from local governments, businesses, universities, and other institutions across the country as part of the "America Is All In" multi-sector statement - calling on our future administration to lead the U.S. toward a 100% clean energy economy. By partnering with local governments, the private sector, and other institutions, the future administration could help the U.S. cut its emissions in half by 2030, compared to the 2005 levels. Climate action on a local, state, and federal level is crucial in 2021 and beyond to achieve climate-neutral goals - and Woodward Park City proud to be a part of this movement. 

Through our Play Forever initiative, Woodward Park City continues to establish climate action and sustainability goals to protect the environments in which we play. Some of our goals and efforts include: 

  • Return to pre-opening energy and waste levels by 2025
  • 100% renewable electricity by 2025 through rooftop solar, conservation and wind offsets (Woodward Park City currently utilizes a solar and living roof)
  • Composting and Recycling
  • Reducing single use plastic
  • Efficient lighting
  • Recycled building materials

In light of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, America's Pledge and We Are Still All In will place an open letter in the Washington Post on Saturday, December 12, that will recognize the work that cities, states, businesses and other coalition members have done to advance climate progress to date. If you would like to read the "America is All In" Declaration, it is live at


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