Camp has come to a close but things are just getting fired up for fall. There was no better way to close out the Summer than with a perfect party to share with all of the campers to leave them with memories that will last a lifetime.  

DJ Matty Mo was out in the Central Plaza all day where all of the main action happened throughout the day keeping the vide going while the BBQ was roaring with some tasty treats. Subaru presented us with an Outback to have all of the kids sign their name to leave their mark on summer camp and we had a guest appearance from an artist who came to put down some seriously cool artwork on the hood. There was also some very special giveaway items provided by Subaru for the campers to take something home after being called out for being some of the most special campers Woodward Park City has ever seen.

An artist creates a drawing on our Subaru Outback  

Just like every day we are open, we had some very special appearances from some guest professional athletes to hang with the campers and sign some autographs. The day started out with Ken block rallying his way into camp to host a Q&A session with the Digital Media Campers on his experiences being a professional athlete and what is means to be an influencer on social media. The campers sat with the jaws dropped watching his latest release of Climbkahana 2 and got to hear from one of the biggest influencers in the game. Tyson Bowerbank and Lizard King joined the skate campers on a jam in the park and even signed some eager kids on the back. We also had the 5050BMX crew came out swinging for a demo on the resi ramp for the best show we have seen since our Grand Opening on December 14th.  We were even graced by an appearance from 2 Olympic Gold Medals holders, Sage Kotsenburg and Joss Christensen, to hang out with the multi-sport campers. 

Joss Christensen signing a poster for a summer camper

The day was capped by a dazzling dance routine from our cheer campers to some tunes from DJ Matty Mo and all of the parents were there to see their kids showing off in front for the entire camp. Our Summer Sender party was the perfect way to celebrate the amazing summer we had with all of our campers and guests! Thank you to everyone who came out and made it what so memorable! 

Tyson Bowerbank signing a custom create-a-skate

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Camp has come to a close but things are just getting fired up for fall.
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